Alcohol and Drug Testing

Alcohol and Drug Testing Services & SOBERLINK Monitoring Services

About our services:

Many individuals in recovery from substance problems find random testing services to be important to establishing credibility and accountability to family, loved ones, employers and licensing boards. Francine Farrell's monitoring program, Aftercare - Recovery Monitoring and Support, has provided private and confidential random testing and recovery oversight services throughout California for several years. Professional licensing boards, attorneys, mediators and judges have found these services to be valuable in assessing the sobriety of individuals in recovery. If you or someone you care about needs the support and monitoring of a comprehensive and reliable program, we are at your service. 

Who might want to engage in random testing and support services?

We have provided monitoring and support services to:

  • Parents whose sobriety might be of concern in custody issues.

  • Physicians, Dentists, Pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals with licensing issues.

  • Attorneys who want solid documentation of abstinence from alcohol or drug use to assist in the representation of their clients.

  • Business executives whose family or employer has grown concerned about their use of alcohol or drugs.

  • Entertainers and others whose job performance has suffered due to their addiction.

What do your services include?

We are able to offer services to meet the needs of each individual client and situation.  Simple random testing services are available.  Participants are able to test at collection sites throughout the United States when their random dates come up.  More comprehensive testing services might include daily check-ins and randomly assigned testing.  Even more comprehensive recovery monitoring and support services can be essential to relapse prevention and recovery from substance use issues.  We do not believe, "One size fits all!"  Our services are designed to meet your needs and the needs of those who are concerned about your abstinence and recovery.  

Please feel free to call and discuss your situation confidentially.

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