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Recovery Resources

Recoverying from substance problems and other addictive disorders requires support.  Family support is very helpful.  The assistance of a counselor who is knowledgeable in treatment of addiction is important.  Often, inpatient treatment or intensive outpatient treatment is needed.  Many have found the assistance of 12-Step meetings to be crucial to long term recovery.  These are some of the most well known and proven 12-Step programs.  Each of these programs is based on the idea of one alcohol/addicted helping another. 

Alcoholics Anonymous is the granddaddy of the 12-Step programs.  All of the others share the same 12-Steps.
Alcoholics Anonymous

This is the link to the Sacramento area A.A. Meetings:
Alcoholics Anonymous (Central California)

Al-Anon is for the families and friends of Alcoholics.  It is an excellent resource for those who are affected by someone else's drinking.
Al-Anon (Sacramento)

Narcotics Anonymous is the 12-Step Program for those who are problems with drugs, not just Narcotics. 
Narcotics Anonymous

O.A. has helped many people.If you would like help with food issues, check out this 12-Step Program. 
Overeaters Anonymous (Sacramento)

A vast array of information is available on SAMHSA's website for FREE.  Follow this link for more information:
Substance Abuse/Addiction

This link will provide endless hours of listening and learning.  

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