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Alcohol & Drug Counseling

Individualized Alcohol and Drug Counseling Services:

Alcohol and other drug addiction is a disease.  Sadly, this disease often convinces its victim that he or she does not need help.  It can also convinces the family that trying to help is futile.  Although there is no question this is a life threatening illness, difficult to treat, without guarantees of success, there is also no doubt that that an individual can recover.  In my experience the difference is often as simple as willingness to try something new.  Honesty, openness and willingness are key ingredients to success.  When seeking counseling for alcohol, drugs and other addictions, always ask about your counselor's training.  Most graduate programs offer very little training in addiction.  

My experience includes one year of additional training in addiction, two years of specialized internship and 20 years of face to face experience working with addicts and their families.  My approach is straight forward, direct and instructive.  

Familiarity with
Alcoholics AnonymousNarcotics Anonymous,
Al-Anon, Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous, Overeaters Anonymous and  many other 12-Step Programs is crucial to understanding the needs of the addict and the family.  If you are considering seeking treatment for addiction or codependency, ask your counselor about their experience working with addictions and with these programs.

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